penemuan teknologi komunikasi dari jaman bahula, indonesia memang paling top deh

-- Mexico :
An archaeologist in Mexico reported that when they dug the Aztec ruins, they found a mailbox after they dug for 300 meters deep. The Mexicans thought that they are the most advanced culture, as 500 years ago, the Aztecs have written mails for communication

-- Egypt:
A professor and his team did an excavation near the Sphinx. They found telephone cable at the depth of 200m. The Egyptians claimed that they have used the telephone technology since the era of king Tut, thus making them the most advanced race.

-- China :
After doing a thorough investigation at the Terracota warriors statues site, researchers found glass fibers in the area. The Chinese claimed that they are more advanced than the Egyptian, because they have known fiber optic technology ever since the Ming Dynasty

-- Indonesia :
The Bureau of Archeology in Magelang did a digging near Borobudur.
They dig for 100 meters, they found nothing
They dig for 500 meters, still nothing
They dig for 1000 meters, a whole lot of nothing

They claimed that Indonesians are the most advanced among all the nations in the world. Why ? Because they have been using wireless technology ever since Saylendra dynasty....He he he.....
Materi "penemuan teknologi komunikasi dari jaman bahula, indonesia memang paling top deh" di atas adalah cerita lucu Fiktif, dan di salin kembali, Bila ada Nama atau Kejadian Serta Kalimat yang menyinggung, dipastikan itu hanya kebetulan Belaka
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